Farewell, 2017!

Hello beautiful people. I apologise for the inactivity, but holidays came around and I did not have much time to write. I hope it is comforting to know that I am working on a review of another album... it will come out in January. This post is to say goodbye to this rollercoaster of a... Continue Reading →

& – Jesse Rutherford

A separation between the indie rock band The Neighbourhood and their leader singer Jesse Rutherford happened, but don't worry, The Nbhd is still a band. We don't know what to expect. Or do we? Last week, the band's lead singer Jesse Rutherford announced on his Twitter that his debut album would have come out on Friday, November 10th, very nonchalantly. We, as... Continue Reading →

Let The Light In.

Hello beautiful people, I am officially back on the Internet. For a start, I want to apologise for not being active on this blog; I haven't written on here for almost 6 months. They haven't been easy 6 months, I had to face death in my family and I had to deal with loads of... Continue Reading →

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