Let The Light In.

Hello beautiful people,
I am officially back on the Internet. For a start, I want to apologise for not being active on this blog; I haven’t written on here for almost 6 months. They haven’t been easy 6 months, I had to face death in my family and I had to deal with loads of personal issues, and for this I lost sight of what I really enjoy doing.
But enough of self-pity, let’s start with today’s journey.

I hope most of you have heard of the British band Amber Run, because it is the band I am gonna talk about now, so be ready.

October 31st was a… disaster. But it ended up being one of the most enthralling experiences of my entire life.
Amber Run is one of my all times favourite bands, and I had tickets to see them in Basel (Switzerland), since they had to cancel their show in Milan. I was so excited to finally be able to witness my songs live, and most importantly I was so excited to finally be able to feel alive.
After 5 long hours of driving, we (me and my parents) arrived at the venue, but shockingly I found out I couldn’t get in because I was not 18 yet. The world came crashing down right on my head. And it was not going to stop. My emotional state was a wreck, but fortunately Joshua Keogh, Will Jones, Tom Sperring, and Henry Wyeth are a bunch of lovely lads, and they decided to help me out.


The venue authorised me to assist at the soundcheck, having then the possibility to spend some time with the band. I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I still was very upset about the show.
(Spoiler alert: I didn’t end up seeing the show anyway).

After meeting the band in very rushed circumstances, I got to spend some time with Joe, to talk about everything. I was sobbing most of the time, but you all get the idea. I am not sure he did though.

“I wish you’d live like you were made of glass.”

I felt like a piece of glass. Anxiety and panic weren’t helping for sure, but Joshua’s hand on my shoulder did. All the members treated me with such… delicacy… almost as if they thought I could break any second. But I didn’t break. This only gave me the strenght to keep going.

I thought that seeing them live would give me that feeling of adrenaline and happiness rushing through my veins, but nothing will ever compare to singing with the lead singer of your favourite band in an empty parking lot with just his acoustic guitar (video).

A peak of what the soundcheck looked like.


There are various categories of artists in the world, and this band for sure showed they are located pretty high up. Our chats, laughs, the shared respect, the shared heartbeats, made up for every second of that day which I thought would have been the worst.

This kind of bands deserve a lot more.
The feeling of warmth and of being appreciated by someone you look up to this much is something priceless, and that I will never forget.
It was cold outside, but my heart warmed up so quickly; I was a crying mess, but everybody showed compassion and love; I had a dream before entering that venue, and now I can say that it finally came true.

Amber Run’s music could be described as luminous, thriving, glorious.
Their first album, “5AM”, is full of warm and full sounds characterised by idylls of love and life; their second album, “For A Moment, I Was Lost”, has its spots of aggressivity, but also of fragility, showing the artist’s talent to express all the emotions in music.
(Some songs I recommend: 5AMSparkKitesWastelandsMachineNo AnswersFickle Game)

“Let the light in.”

This day taught me something: everything will always get better, eventually.
There are artists and artists in the world, but Amber Run really showed their true selves, and I have to say that I am very content with how far they are coming and how humble they still are, and hopefully will be also in the future.

Some tattoos ideas written by Joshua.

“I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.”

Smiles need to exist, the eyes need to be open, and the ears need to listen.
Everyone and everything needs a purpose, a function, in order to make sense.
Music needs to transmit something, anything, in order to be considered music.
People need to allow themselves to be fragile once in a while, in order to  have something to share, and in order to be alive.

I thought I lost everything in that moment, but Amber Run reminded me to always, always, let the light in.

Thank you,
Joe, Will, Henry, and Tom.

Always spread love,
Sil xx

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