Farewell, 2017!

Hello beautiful people.
I apologise for the inactivity, but holidays came around and I did not have much time to write. I hope it is comforting to know that I am working on a review of another album… it will come out in January.

This post is to say goodbye to this rollercoaster of a year, and what better way to do it than with a Top 10 of the best albums that came out in 2017?
These records I am about to quote are my absolute favourite new entries in the music industry from this past year.
Let’s begin:

  • 10. What Do You Think About The Car? – Declan Mckenna
    It is a witty album, produced by a young English man, who is only getting started in the music business. This album is great for road trips, or just to dance around your room. Declan’s voice is sweet, and the melodies couldn’t be more fun. It is not a serious album, it is not one of those invested musical masterpieces that will remain in music history, but it is a great start.
    Recommended songs: BrazilMake Me Your QueenListen To Your Friends.
  • 9. Harry Styles – Harry Styles
    This is probably the album that has more controversial opinions surrounding it. Nobody expected a so well-thought record from the former One Direction member, but here it is. We can hear Harry’s effort in the music and lyrics, and his voice is absolutely soothing. The lyrics are sometimes banal, some other times very interesting. It is the perfect fusion of classic rock and modern pop, I was pleasantly surprised by this record.
    Recommended songs: Sign Of The TimesKiwiFrom the Dining Table.
  • 8. No Escape Out Of Time – R I T U A L
    I honestly haven’t listened to this album many times, but I can say that it is great. There are cool passages in the record that permit the artists to tell an interesting tale, thanks also to the voices and the harmonies that give a more professional outlook of the product. The mix of R&B, Pop, and Electronic works amazingly well, and I can’t wait to hear more from this band.
    Recommended songs: Better By NowDrown The LoversHotel Bars.
  • 7. Silhouettes – Aquilo
    This album is heartbreaking. You can’t listen to it without crying during at least three songs. If I had to find a word to describe it I would use “suggestive”, because the lyrics and the production accentuate the dramatic mood that surrounds like a shadow the entire record. The vocals are great, and the alternating styles of songs only make it more enjoyable.
    Recommended songs: SilhouetteSorryLow Light.
  • 6. Just For Us – Francis And The Lights
    Surprise! New entry in the world of music. And what a theatrical entry. I was really sceptical about this record, because this artist has never really convinced me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a truly amazing record, 10 songs in it, but only 26 minutes long. Every song is different but at the same time they are linked together by a common denominator: a story.
    Recommended songs: Breaking UpFaithfulCruise.
  • 5. For A Moment, I Was Lost – Amber Run
    TOP FIVE ALERT! This album. Amber Run grew up so quickly and uniquely as artists, and I couldn’t be prouder. This record is the personification of the artists’ feelings, it embodies every emotion they felt during the artistic process. It is a very honest album, with amazingly good lyrics and very interesting sounds.
    Recommended songs: WastelandsMachineHaze.
  • 4. & – Jesse Rutherford
    I am truly speechless. Jesse really outdid himself. It is a sly and smart record, full of new sounds and fresh melodies and lyrics. It is one of my all times favourite albums, because I wouldn’t be able to classify it. Lyrics are pretentious and ironic, it sounds like Jesse has been improvising throughout every song. It is amazing.
    Recommended songs: DramaBlameBloom Later.
  • 3. Sleep Well Beast – The National
    A masterpiece. The National have always been ignored by the music industry and by people in general, but now they got their revenge. It is a breathtaking indie album, a melancholic, a heart warming and wrenching album, and I could keep going. People could find comfort in these words and sounds, and I believe this is one of the greatest qualities an album could have.
    Recommended songs: Guilty PartyDay I DieDark Side Of The Gym.
  • 2. Songs Of Experience – U2
    This is one of the most criticised but loved records I’ve ever listened to. U2 came back with what I think is their farewell for us and for themselves as well. It represents their path in the music industry and it includes all the innovations they brought in their career. It tells a story, their story, and people should listen.
    Recommended songs: Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its WayLandlady,Red Flag Day.
  • 1. Revival – Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    And we have a winner! This record changed my life. It is a great album and it was something I was not expecting from such a small artist like VCS. The singer’s voice is warm and welcoming, the lyrics are very deep and introspective, and the sounds are like heavenly lullabies. It is a very personal album, and we should all appreciate the risk they took by making it. A well deserved victory.
    Recommended songs: Living WaterSleeping WorldEmpire.

We did it! We survived 2017.
Hopefully 2018 holds even more great music for us.

Happy New Year, beautiful people.
Always spread love.



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