Hey there! I apologize because yesterday I didn't post anything, but I had to prepare for an exam and I didn't really have time. Anyway, today I made another pleasant discovery: Joseph Knight. He is a young man from Nottingham, in England, who already made his way through the music industry as amazing acoustic performer in... Continue Reading →

Hey hey hey! I am so stressed for finals right now, but I always try to write here. It's like escaping. By the way, today's Song Of The Day is Hurt For Me by SYML. SYML is "simple" translated in Welsh, and it is a solo project created by Brian Fennell, born in Seattle and founding member of the... Continue Reading →

Hey everybody! Spring is finally here, maybe a bit too warm outside but I am happy the cold and dry weather is gone. Today's Song Of The Day reminds me of spring, flowers, sun... even if it is a relatively sad song. It's by Houses, and it's called Peasants. Houses is a duo from Chicago, experimenting with... Continue Reading →

A good day today! I am very stressed because of finals but today has really been a good day. And what's better than a good day accompanied by good music? Today's Song Of The Day is by Elliot Moss and the title is VCR Machine. It sounds "creepy" from certain aspects, but it's a great alternative-soul, I'd... Continue Reading →

Hello. Do you ever ask yourselves "what if" you hadn't done something you did? Would the present be this way? This is the question that seems to torment the London quartet ISLAND, in their song Spotless Mind, a perfect alternative-ambient track that could easily be played in a stadium with an enormous choir of people. It is... Continue Reading →

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