Hello beautiful people! Just to know what I am up to: I am writing my review of Bon Iver's show I've been to on Friday, so expect a post about it this week! Today's song is a bit different from what I usually recommend, but for some reason I really like it. The title is Hold... Continue Reading →

It Might Be Over Soon.

Yesterday night, May 22nd 2017, humanity died a little bit more. Music is one of those factors that make you feel more alive than ever, and now death took their power away. How can you go out an evening, thinking you are going to have the time of your life, and then never come home?... Continue Reading →

Hey there! So, this is the new format, "Song Of The Week", that will be updated every Monday. This week's song is by the British artist Matt Woods, who launched his last EP Aint' No Use in 2016. The song is called In The Dark, characterized by a R&B style, with the singer's powerful and scratchy vocals. The chorus is... Continue Reading →

Hey there! I apologize because yesterday I didn't post anything, but I had to prepare for an exam and I didn't really have time. Anyway, today I made another pleasant discovery: Joseph Knight. He is a young man from Nottingham, in England, who already made his way through the music industry as amazing acoustic performer in... Continue Reading →

Hey hey hey! I am so stressed for finals right now, but I always try to write here. It's like escaping. By the way, today's Song Of The Day is Hurt For Me by SYML. SYML is "simple" translated in Welsh, and it is a solo project created by Brian Fennell, born in Seattle and founding member of the... Continue Reading →

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