I am late again, sorry! Today's been a day of discoveries, one of them was today's Song Of The Day. It is called Endless Wave by Hanging Valleys. Hanging Valleys is an electronic-alternative band formed in 2016 by Thom Byles, and man, I am grateful for it. Endless Wave is one of the songs in their only EP, EP, formed... Continue Reading →


Good evening everyone! How was your day? Mine was very good to be honest, and since I am in such a good mood, today's song will reflect it. Today's Song Of The Day is What If by The Kite String Tangle, a solo project from Brisbane formed by the electronic-alternative producer Danny Harley. What If is part of the... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone! Today's, other than Wednesday, it's also Bono's (U2 singer) 57th birthday, and nothing I just wanted to share it with you because he has always been my #1 inspiration. Anyway, today's Song Of The Day has a special meaning to me, because other than being one of my absolute favorite tunes, the singer also... Continue Reading →

Hello!!! I am so sorry I didn't write about any song yesterday, but I have been really sick and I haven't been on Internet that much. But now I am back stronger than before and I can't wait for you to discover this new amazing discovery I made. She is Italian, from Florence, she is... Continue Reading →

You ever ask yourselves what beauty is? What gives people the right to judge if something is beautiful or not? Well, Still Life by Dawn Golden is for sure one of the most ethereal and stunning songs I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Dawn Golden is the name of a project initiated by songwriter/producer Dexter Tortoriello,... Continue Reading →

Okay, okay, I am late again! It's midnight, again... I have been busy all day and I apologize. Anyway, today's song is a pleasant discovery, and it's by the indie-folk singer Harrison Storm, Hayden Calnin's friend. The song is Sense Of Home, and it is like you are being rocked back and forth by the involvement... Continue Reading →

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today's song is one if my favorite songs ever, and it is It's All In Vain by the American indie-pop band Wet. It's a nice indie-electronic ballad featuring lead singer Kelly Zutrau's warm and peculiar voice and the promising abilities as instrumentalists of the other two members Joe Valle (producer) and Marty Sulkow (guitarist). It... Continue Reading →

May the fourth be with you!  Cliche? Yes. Something that is not cliche at all though, it's new Colouring's song The Wave. Dubstep and ambient sounds are present in this brand new amazing tune created by one of the most promising London bands, recently signed up with Interscope Records, American brand of Dirty Hit. This song... Continue Reading →

Stress, stress, and stress. I know, my posts always begin with something negative, but at the end the turn into something amazing. Thanks to Speech Of Foxes by the American band Gen Club formed by the singer-songwriter Christopher Barnes, I found the sun again. Gen Club has till now 3 albums: Acid And Everything (2010), Breakers (2011), and In Roses (2014).... Continue Reading →

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