It Might Be Over Soon.

Yesterday night, May 22nd 2017, humanity died a little bit more.
Music is one of those factors that make you feel more alive than ever, and now death took their power away. How can you go out an evening, thinking you are going to have the time of your life, and then never come home?

What is home? Now home is nothing. Our freedom is being taken away, just because of conflicts that are way too ancient to still be considered conflicts. Extremists will always be present, but we have to react. I am not going to point my finger against anyone nor any religious group nor any political one, but I am claiming a position.

“You don’t have to save me every time, just leave me in the dark… let me lose my heart.”

I refuse, I refuse, I refuse, to give up my freedom because of fear. I am not going to be scared every time I put a foot outside my house, I am not going to question what could happen every time I am in a public event or space. Because here, now, it’s what the world is doing. We are fighting terror with fear. We have to fight terror with love. With songs. With laughs. It is not easy, but I never said it is. Hold your children, but don’t build a cage with your arms, build a platform from where they can dive into life. Hold them tight, but don’t suffocate them. And kids, hold your parents’ and loved ones’ hands, but don’t cement your fingers together. Stay together, but don’t prevent yourselves from enjoying the sun outside, or fireworks because they remind you of gun shots. Stay together and love together.

I cannot imagine what it was for everyone who was present at Ariana Grande’s concert yesterday night in Manchester, England. I don’t even want to imagine. But things like this will continue to happen no matter what. This is so messed up I can’t even find words to describe it. We are leaving, piece by piece, parts of us along the road… and this is exactly what they want. But why do we have to pay for other people’s mistakes?

It was a young kids’ show, and they stroked their lives away. Explosions, more than 20 deaths, and still many people missing. Parents were downstairs waiting for their little ones holding tight on the phone to search for them as soon as the show ended, but they instead saw thousands of kids running and crying and searching in their eyes support and love. Love. Love yesterday was non-existent. Music unites people, art does in general, but yesterday, it was the opposite.
The smell of smoke and burned flesh was around and tears brimmed everyone’s eyes, and who knows, maybe there was someone who thought their plan worked. Well, news flash: it did. It unfortunately did. But now, what is solved?

“So many losses, but tell me, who has won?”

Hold onto your children tonight, but let them open their wings.
Children, hold onto your parents, but don’t let them crumble with grief.
Now, more than ever, we should stay together in tragedy. Music in our ears and our minds blank, maybe even a bit clouded. But don’t give up on your freedom.
Freedom is the most important thing, and someone wants to take that away. Black people, white people, asian people, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, whoever you are, there is no difference. And it might be a shame for someone, but it is the raw truth, and truth doesn’t have mercy, ever.

“We’re all human, we’re just like you, man”.

I don’t have words to describe what happened, but the only words that float in my mind are: never, never stop living because of fear.
Fear prevents us from breathing the air we deserve to breathe, and nothing should be so suffocating. Fear is slowly shutting the world off.

“It might be over soon.”

Let’s hold our hands, and live together, against all odds, against all fears.
Life is just one, and this just happened to be very messed up. I will still go to concerts, with some extra awareness maybe, but I won’t give them that satisfaction. We are going to win.

I can’t imagine going to a show and never come back, but yesterday, another bit of humanity was gone forever. So, please, please, let’s preserve what we have left.

Always spread love.


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