May 19th 2017

Hey there!
I apologize because yesterday I didn’t post anything, but I had to prepare for an exam and I didn’t really have time.

Anyway, today I made another pleasant discovery: Joseph Knight.
He is a young man from Nottingham, in England, who already made his way through the music industry as amazing acoustic performer in the indie-electronic-alternative field.

His brand new EP Rediscover is out now, and it is an absolute bomb.

Today’s song is Hold On To Me (feat. Amy Illingworth), a soothing and amazing acoustic track rich of good lyrics and enriched by Joseph’s warm and scratchy voice and Amy’s harmonies in the chorus.
It is actually one of my favorite songs right now, I think it is very admirable and it often makes me cry. Emotions are a vital part in music, and this track is full of them, and you can perceive them even just when the acoustic guitar starts playing.

I hope you feel them too.

Always spread love xx



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