May 17th 2017

Hey hey hey!
I am so stressed for finals right now, but I always try to write here. It’s like escaping.

By the way, today’s Song Of The Day is Hurt For Me by SYML.

SYML is “simple” translated in Welsh, and it is a solo project created by Brian Fennell, born in Seattle and founding member of the band Barcelona.
He combines bare piano to emotional lyrics and very musical and smooth melodies, we could say that he is very minimalist in his style but at the same time everything is more complicated than it appears to be. His voice is very sharp but something it cracks adding more intensity to the track. For example, in “Hurt For Me” the chorus is some tones higher and this augments the impact of this track. “I sedate my mind with hope of your return”, he says, proving that this is the most romantic but the saddest too.

This song is a part of one of his EPs, named after the song itself.

I hope you find this song as moving as I do,

Always spread love xx


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