May 16th 2017

Hey everybody!
Spring is finally here, maybe a bit too warm outside but I am happy the cold and dry weather is gone.

Today’s Song Of The Day reminds me of spring, flowers, sun… even if it is a relatively sad song.

It’s by Houses, and it’s called Peasants.

Houses is a duo from Chicago, experimenting with their alternative-electronic music after an experience in Hawaii. The members are Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina.

This song is accompanied by an upbeat electronic drum, and a pressing piano, and the melody opens in the pre-chorus with the introduction of an acoustic guitar.
Tortoriello’s voice is harmonized by Messina’s one in the chorus, repeating the lyrics “On the white wings of God.”

The track opens in the last minute and a half, with harmonies of voices and a strong drumming session, with many but not too many effects.

It talks about a love story, saying how he would have done everything for her, and he relies on religion and praying for his beloved. Is everyone ready to turn to dust?

I really love this song, and I hope you do too.

Always spread love xx


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