May 15th 2017

A good day today!

I am very stressed because of finals but today has really been a good day.
And what’s better than a good day accompanied by good music?

Today’s Song Of The Day is by Elliot Moss and the title is VCR Machine.
It sounds “creepy” from certain aspects, but it’s a great alternative-soul, I’d dare to say, song. The acoustic guitar, I think it is a double guitar (also used in the song Holocene by Bon Iver), creates this ethereal and eternal atmosphere augmented also by his calm and light voice, with a certain amount of reverb that renders everything more intimate.
There is also this background effect, that is very “foggy”, very translucent and transporting.

Elliot Moss is a multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, singer, and producer from New York City. He belongs to indie-alternative and electronic categories of music.
He currently has 2 albums out: Highspeeds and Boomerang, both very professionally produced and stunningly beautiful.

I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Always spread love xx


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