May 10th 2017

Hello everyone!

Today’s, other than Wednesday, it’s also Bono‘s (U2 singer) 57th birthday, and nothing I just wanted to share it with you because he has always been my #1 inspiration.

Anyway, today’s Song Of The Day has a special meaning to me, because other than being one of my absolute favorite tunes, the singer also dedicated it to me at his small gig in Zurich in last September.

The singer is Hayden Calnin and the song’s title is Park Beers, and it is an ambient-electronic song very well produced.

Hayden is a Melbourne-based songwriter and producer in his 20s, blessing music industry with ambient and thoughtful productions, that I consider true works of art.

Park Beers belongs to Hayden’s second album, Cut Love II, in my opinion one of the most ethereal albums I’ve ever heard.

The classy touch in this song comes at the end, when a trumpet chimes in turning everything in this hypnotizing ballad that triggers goosebumps all over your body.

Hayden’s voice is very peculiar and genuinely beautiful, singing his heart out in his nostalgic but strong lyrics. “I am lost, and you would have known, it’s your fault and it’s my fault too.”

In addiction, I can say that Hayden is one of the most humble and precious and talented individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. We met at his gig in Zurich in last September and we had such a nice chat, it was an experience I will never forget.

Hayden & I 🙂

Nice job, Hayden.

Always spread love xx


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