May 9th 2017

Hello!!! I am so sorry I didn’t write about any song yesterday, but I have been really sick and I haven’t been on Internet that much.

But now I am back stronger than before and I can’t wait for you to discover this new amazing discovery I made.

She is Italian, from Florence, she is 20 years old and her name is Alice Bisi, in art Birthh. She is creating her international musical career with a brilliant alternative album.

Today’s Song Of The Day is For The Heartless, which is a dark and gloomy indie-ballad the young singer included in her debut album Born In The Woods.

This song is one of my favorites, and she is truly breathtaking. The way she produces music is simple but complicated at the same time, and this song is the proof.

It starts out with electronic samples, that preamble a guitar and her voice with cutting sentences, “I’m struggling to find another way to smell your scent on my skin.It goes on with an instrumental/electronic chorus and at the end there is this lather of melodies of blurry words that in reality describe her… death. But in a very direct yet poetic way. “I confront you in the darkness of his white mouth.”

Her music is tormented and haunted, she is expressing a feeling of bewilderment caused by a loss, probably trying to find herself.

“But I’m corrupting all my time.”

You are right Alice, but you are doing an amazing job at it.

Always spread love xx


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