May 6th 2017

Okay, okay, I am late again! It’s midnight, again… I have been busy all day and I apologize.

Anyway, today’s song is a pleasant discovery, and it’s by the indie-folk singer Harrison Storm, Hayden Calnin‘s friend.

The song is Sense Of Home, and it is like you are being rocked back and forth by the involvement of a calming acoustic guitar and warm tone of voice.

Harrison Storm is a 24 years old song Australian song-writer, who bases his music on personal melodies that are capable of caressing your heart.

The first time I listened to this song, I just started crying as soon as the chorus started playing. “Tell your mother you’re leaving here… tell your brother you’re going away. Tell your mother she needs to reassess herself. And this will be the only way.”

It talks about a young son, who is mad at himself, because his dad cries everyday on his chair. And he blames himself. 

“Tell your brother you’re listening to his dreams, tell your sister she is all unique. Tell your mother she is the only one, and your father has made you all that you’ve become.”

He just wants to go away to make his family happier. 

It is an excruciating farewell, but sometimes our minds play tricks on us, making us believe things that are completely false.

Always give everything you have, that will be enough.

Always spread love xx


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