May 3rd 2017

Stress, stress, and stress.

I know, my posts always begin with something negative, but at the end the turn into something amazing.

Thanks to Speech Of Foxes by the American band Gen Club formed by the singer-songwriter Christopher Barnes, I found the sun again.

Gen Club has till now 3 albums: Acid And Everything (2010), Breakers (2011), and In Roses (2014). But I have to say that the last one is the most brilliant one.

I cannot say it’s the happiest song I’ve ever heard, but boy if it moves my soul. Ethereal sounds and the warm and welcoming voice that almost whispers “don’t worry, I am here now” transport you in maybe the middle of the desert, with just veils covering your body, and tears streaming down your face. It triggers a liberatory crying session, with a piano and continuous beats of an electric bass, and the two women in the band in the background harmonizing the intense singer’s voice.

Typical indie sounds and melodies, obviously.

It is a song that leaves you empty but fulfilled at the same time, you just have to let it grab you by the heart.

Always spread love xx


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