May 1st 2017

What a terrible day. I am tired as hell and my phone fell behind a heater, and I won’t have it back until tomorrow night. Yay.

But a song that always manages to cheer me up is Living Water by Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

It is the stage name of the project initiated by the Australian singer and producer Tim Bettinson.

Seriously though, is there even a better way to welcome May? This catchy and moving track always makes me feel at home, and as the last sentence of this song says, “in the end, you’re the only home I find.” It is like one of those tracks you hear in teenage masterpieces of movies, like The Breakfast Club, and they make you dance in circle in your room with headphones on, and arms outstretched as if you were waiting for the rain to hit your skin and caress it with kisses. And they make you smile, always.

This is one of the tracks of the brand new debut album Revival, rich of mesmerizing sounds, nostalgic tunes and hypnotizing auto-tuned phrases, always embroidered by Tim’s typical falsetto tone, that gives another gear to his musical productions.

What else is there to say? Vancouver Sleep Clinic is for sure a pleasant discovery to be made, and once you’re in their world, there’s nothing that can hold your heart back.

Always spread love xx


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