April 29th 2017

Goodmorning! It’s 10:53 am here and when I pressed “shuffle” on my phone to listen to some good music, Forest Talks by These Brittle Bones came on.

I love this song, first track of the second part EP of the 17 years old songwriter Chris Jones, from Singapore.

The talent of this teenager is admirable, he is really good at piano and his voice is fragile but soothing at the same time. His lyrics are original and not basic at all, which demonstrates that he puts effort and passion in what he does.

For now he has 3 EPs out: Hiraeth pt. 1, Hiraeth pt. 2, and Effects.

Everything started online for this young artist, and he motivated it saying: “I strongly believe that we are in the streaming generation. Despite the controversy among my musical peers, I see Spotify and similar streaming sites as a healthy alternative to music piracy. I cannot express strongly enough my faith in the service.”

And I think he is 100% right, we should have more hope in these new sperimental artists’ regards.

I hope you enjoy the song, 

always spread love xx


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